Lydia Gerakios was the inspiration for this song. Glen saw the cross her family had placed along Old Hickory Boulevard (in Nashville, TN) out of the corner of his eye. It wasn't until after he wrote the song that we went back to find the cross again. You can read the lyrics at the bottom of the page.

Lydia was born September 9th, 1978. She lost her life on May 27th, 1996. This is about all we know about her. We have tried to find her family but have not been fortunate enough to do so. 17 years old . . . and yet her memory lives on.

Update: April 29th, 2004

Last year we were contacted by Lydia's Mom & had wonderful email sent to us. Below is the actual letter.

Dear Glen:

Spirit guided, the tribute for Lydia "With This Cross" blessed her life, my life and all of her family. The web site touched our soul. I am sure other families feel the same.

I am Debbie, Lydia's Mother.

With her death my life ceased to exist. This message was a sign to me that she is still with us, leading in us unexpected ways. The signs she leaves for us affirms there is a bond that can never be broken. Your beautiful song let me know she is still remembered.

With tears mixed with joy, I thank you.

With the deepest affection and love,


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Thank You.




With This Cross

I see your cross
Beside the road
On a hill at dusk
Memories live
& our love so strong
Gives me hope to carry on

With this cross
I mark the day
This old world
Took your life away
Through the pain
& the sorry felt
Hard to take this blow I'm dealt

I remember you
Star-filled eyes so blue
& your smile
That brightened my tomorrows
Will you remember me
In eternity
As I walk this road alone

With this cross
For all to see
Stakes your place
In destiny
Bears your name
Showing you were loved
Both by me & God above